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Dark Oak Lamp Tables Set of 3


Set of 3 dark oak block lamp tables or oak side tables, 1 each of 50cm, 40cm and 30cm heights (20", 16" & 12") approx.

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Here we offer a set of 3 solid oak lamp or side tables; sometimes referred to as oak end tables. They are hand-made by ourselves here in the UK from semi air dried oak. Although they will already show signs of cracking, these oak lamp tables will continue to mature over the months and years to come, and further cracks may appear. These are an integral part of these rustic oak blocks and only add to their appeal. Our dark oak blocks are finished with a dark oak stain and then coated with a  dark natural wax.

Each oak lamp table is made from 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) approx. oak beams and finished with a hard, natural wax. Every one is different, just as every piece of oak timber is different, and unique in their own way. These solid oak tables are perfect for displaying ornaments, or to use at the end of a sofa or side of a chair for your book and coffee cup, or equally useful at the side of the bed as an oak bedside table table.

These are also available in the light oak and medium oak colours, or in singles or pairs in our other product listings in this category.

Care of your table -Please read our aftercare page on this website for detailed information on how to maintain your table and keep it in the best possible condition.

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