Pricing and payment

You may have noticed at the top of our website that you can select from a range of currencies to display when looking through our products. Although being based in the United Kingdom, and our prices are set to display in £GBP, we do trade globally; and are happy to accept orders from almost anywhere in the world. At the moment you can choose from £GBP, Euro and American Dollar. Whilst the prices displayed are as accurate as we can make them (we update exchange rates daily and automatically), the exchange rate that your bank or credit card company may use could vary very slightly to ours.

We have selected a number of options to allow you to pay for your order. You can use your credit or debit card securely through SagePay (now called Elevon). Alternatively, the same options are available through Paypal, either by using any credit or debit card or from a Paypal balance if you already have an account with them. We would like to emphasise, however, that you do not need a Paypal account to use them to process your card payment. If you don’t like credit/debit cards, and still don’t want to disclose any information to any of the card processors above, you can choose Bank Transfer; when your order is placed, the automatic email that you will receive will have our bank details, but payments must be made in £GBP. Or if you are old school, we still accept cheques (at the moment); again details of who to make the cheque payable to and where to send it will be on your order confirmation. Unfortunately, we can only accept cheques in £GBP.

Some customers have asked if we can offer payment terms in instalments; unfortunately we are not able to do this as we are not licensed to do so. However, Paypal do offer instalment payments, which may be useful for those higher priced items on our website. So if this is something that you think may be useful, please choose Paypal as your payment option and you will be taken to their portal where instalment payments can be selected.

And finally, and we promise this IS finally, for those who have difficulty with any of the above, please just pick up the phone and give us a call; we can securely process most credit or debit cards ourselves over the phone, but unfortunately if you choose this option, we can only deliver to your registered card address.


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