We are very conscious of the amount of waste that is produced throughout the world, and so we try to limit the amount of packaging we use to an absolute minimum. Because we do not offer our products through retail outlets, it is not necessary for us to have fancy display packs, photographic inserts,  or carry-home handles made from plastic that end up in our oceans. Instead, we simply use a thin polythene bag around the throw, with a small adhesive label stating size. To dispatch your order, we use re-cycled boxes wherever possible, and whenever used cartons are not available from our supplier we buy cartons that have faulty printing, or that were made for other purposes and never used. So please do not be surprised if when your order arrives it is in a box that used to contain packets of coffee, or chocolate bars, or car parts.

It's also worth remembering that fancy packaging is expensive; a cost that has to be incorporated into the price of the item; so we believe in trying to keep our products as competitive as possible, and by using recycled packaging, and limiting the amount of 'wrapping' that is used on our products, we keep that additional cost to a minimum.

We also hope that our customers will be just as thoughtful with the packaging that is used for their orders. Perhaps you could find another use for the cardboard box, maybe you could store things in the polythene bag, or use it to line your rubbish bin, and the back of any paperwork could be used for your next shopping list?


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